Compolight & Co, previously known as COMPOLITE TECHNOLOGIES INC. (2002-2010), has been in the Lighting Industry for 15 years now. Inspired by the words "Component" and "Light", Compolite started as a reseller of different lighting components such as bulbs, transformers, and such.

But as the world is now switching to a more economical and eco-friendly ways, LED Technology arises. With its fast evolving technology and broadening applications of lights, it paved the way for Compolight to be established last 2010 and became an Exclusive Distributor of wide range brands to focus on the new trends in the market.

COMPOLIGHT aims to be an Overall System Solution provider, working hand in hand with Architects and Designers, to meet the customer's needs. We envision for the company to keep on bringing forefront products and services in the Philippine Market, which is why we have teamed up with our International Partners such as Swarovski, Technolite, Linealight, Photizo, Beyond Illumination, FMS, and JYSL.

Together with our Principal Suppliers/Manufacturers, we ensure to showcase high quality of products and services; Exterior and Architectural Lighting, Dimming and AV System, and Security System.

Because we believe, The Future is Smart!